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The Benefits of Using a Supplier Distribution Center

Here at Derby Supply Chain Solutions, we can fix your warehousing and assembly problems with our convenient supplier distribution centers. If your company finds itself wasting time and money on inefficient assembly and an unnecessarily large inventory, our contract warehousing and contract assembly services may be of use to you. Here are some benefits of using a Supplier Distribution Center:

You save time and money – One of the most apparent benefits of using a Supplier Distribution Center (SDC) is the savings. By using our SDC, you will save on manufacturing, inventory, and shipping costs. Have a lot of expense invested in inventory management? We’ll work directly with your supplier to receive your materials and ship them based on your specifications. We’ll repackage shipments from the supplier with your needs in mind so you don’t have to waste resources on low-priority tasks.

You still have control – Just because you decide to use our 3PL services, doesn’t mean you’re losing control of your product. We give you the all-access pass to our facilities, providing you with web access to all transactions—receipts, shipments, and adjustments—with the supplier, and the entire inventory that we have on hand, including “red-lined parts”= product in our warehouse with insufficient quantities to meet your demand. We will be working with your suppliers to manage orders on your behalf, based on the production schedule that you provide for us.

You get to concentrate on the important stuff – Everyone knows that shipping a product can be hectic, and we want to work with you to make this process flow as smoothly as possible. We will know your schedule, and will ship materials FIFO and JIT to your facilities on an as-needed basis. We manage your materials while in our warehouses, repackaging materials based on your specifications while reducing obsolescence and sorting your materials to reduce downtime on your end of the supply chain. Additionally, we will stage your shipments based on where they need to be within your facilities.

These are only a fraction of the benefits that you will notice after working with us. Combining efficiency with ease, working with Derby Supply Chain Solutions to fill your warehousing, manufacturing, repackaging and general logistics needs is a no-brainer. If you think that our services are the right fit for you, contact us to request a quote today!