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3PL Services

Information Technology

Information – the guiding force of Business

The quality of information drives the quality of decisions. At Derby Supply Chain Solutions, we understand the value of reliable, accurate, and timely information. We strive to provide you the best quality information to help you build a stronger supply chain. Heavily invested in data warehousing, advanced reporting, supply chain integrations, and customer-facing web portals, we give you access to the up-to-date information your supply chain requires.

Industry Tested Experience

Knowledgeable employees are critical to any successful IT Department. Derby’s IT staff averages over 15 years of experience per employee, with much of it in manufacturing and logistics. Our staff includes skilled developers, integrators and administrators who are also knowledgeable about operations and processes. This combination allows our IT staff to work along-side our customers to create the right solution to meet their needs.

Strength through strategic partnerships

Key partnerships enhance and strengthen business capabilities. Derby’s strategic IT partnerships include Microsoft, Dell, VMWare, HighJump, TrueCommerce and PEAK10. As a Microsoft Partner, we utilize the latest in Microsoft technologies, including collaboration, database management, and reporting software. Our partnerships with Dell, VMWare, and PEAK10 data centers have enabled us to build a highly responsive and robust platform. Our systems infrastructure is designed with multiple, built-in levels of redundancy to protect our business continuity and yours. When it comes to accurately tracking and managing your 3PL needs, you can trust us to strengthen your supply chain.

Adherence to industry standards

Derby utilizes the latest in Microsoft ERP, database and reporting technologies. Utilizing industry leading EDI translation software, we adhere to ANSI X12 and EDIFACT requirements. Our IT staff is well-versed in many communications and operational standards, and have the experience and necessary certifications to ensure the safety and accuracy of your data.

Flexibility through customizable solutions

Flexibility and scalability are key components to quality 3PL services. Derby’s IT and Operations staff work hand in hand to create customized product workflows that are able to flex and scale to your needs. Our years of combined operational and IT experience gives us the edge needed to build today’s complex Supply Chain Solutions you require.


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