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3PL Services


For over four decades, contract sub-assembly has been at the forefront of our services. Our experience in assembly and managing aftermarket parts gives us strengths many other 3PLs don’t have. We can provide the manufacturing support that your production process demands. You can rely on us for affordable, quality contract assembly services.

Contract Assembly and Manufacturing Support

At Derby, we support your manufacturing process with value-added, custom-tailored solutions. Through our quality workmanship, we will come through to meet your high standards. From sub-assembly to retail-ready units, we have the experience and knowledge to make your goals a reality.

With your goals in mind, we develop, implement and bring your assembly projects to completion. Our expertise in reliable Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery ensures that we ship the correct inventory of products directly to the primary end user.

A wide variety 3PL assembly services

Derby’s capabilities are as varied as the needs of our customers. Our history of primary assembly and subassembly has long benefited some of the leading manufacturers in the US. Our experience with aftermarket parts kitting and assembly has been a valuable asset for our automotive and truck parts manufacturing clients. Likewise, our abilities at electrical assembly and testing are second to none.

Flexibility and scalability are essential facets of kitting and assembly services. Our ability to scale our workforce to meet your changing production schedule ensures we can satisfy your demands. Whether your business experiences seasonal peaks or rapid growth in product demand, we have the experience and skills to accommodate your needs.

As a value-added 3PL, our experience, knowledge, and dedication to continuous improvement guarantee your satisfaction when outsourcing to Derby for your assembly needs.


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