Medical Devices

The rapid growth of the medical technology and life sciences market places demands upon supply chain management to change in order to meet the unique challenges presented when moving sensitive medical device products. There are a number of variable conditions that must be accounted for to ensure on-time delivery and protection of product condition and integrity from origin to destination. Handling medical devices requires care, precision and a thorough understanding of the standards and expectations that medical device manufacturers establish.

A vital element of an effective supply chain management program is the choice of 3PL provider experienced in and dedicated to the handling, tracking, storage and transportation of sensitive healthcare technology products.

Derby Supply Chain Solutions is a third party logistics provider with the experience – and expertise – to package, warehouse and distribute medical devices. Choosing Derby as a single-source supply chain service provider allows for tighter controls and monitoring of shipments throughout transit and to ensure adherence to required shipment handling and safety Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). At Derby we will work with you, as a pro-active business partner, to ensure that your products are packaged, warehoused and distributed according to your specifications – as well as our own high standards of workmanship and professionalism.