Information Technology

Strength through strategic partnerships

Information Technology

Derby’s strategic partnerships include Microsoft, Dell, VMWare, Accellos, and PEAK10 data centers. As a Microsoft Partner, we have access to and employ the latest in Microsoft communications, collaboration, database management and reporting software. Our partnerships with Dell, VMWare, and PEAK10 data centers have allowed us to build a highly available and robust platform with multiple levels of redundancy to protect the business continuity of both Derby and its customers.

Supported by industry standards

Derby utilizes the latest in Microsoft ERP, databases and reporting technologies, industry leading EDI translation supporting ANSI X12 and EDIFACT requirements, and employs certified IT staff well-versed in operational needs.

Flexibility through customizable solutions

Derby’s IT and Operations staff work hand in hand to create customized product workflows. Our years of combined operational and IT experience gives us the edge needed to build today’s complex Supply Chain Solutions.

Information – the driving force of Business

At Derby Supply Chain Solutions, we understand the value of reliable, accurate, and timely information to the Enterprise. We are investing heavily in data warehousing, advanced reporting, and customer-facing web portals to give you access to up-to-date information. The quality of information drives the quality of decisions, and we are working to provide you the best quality information to help build a stronger supply chain.