From contract sub-assembly projects to managing aftermarket parts, Derby can provide the manufacturing support that your production process demands with affordable and quality, contract assembly services. In addition, our warehousing and distribution centers located across multiple states, can provide the optimum staging areas from which Derby can deliver your components wherever and whenever you need them.

As a value-added 3PL, Derby’s continuous experience with primary and sub-assembly work reaches back to the earliest days of our company and includes:

Assembly Line

  • Electrical Assembly
    • Testing
  • Automotive
    • Aftermarket parts kitting
    • Aftermarket parts assembly
  • Appliance
    • Appliance primary assembly
    • Appliance sub-assembly

Assembly projects are developed, implemented and completed with YOUR goals in mind, and reliable JIT (Just-In-Time) delivery ensures that the correct inventory of products will be shipped directly to the primary end user.

Finally, if you require professional inventory management of your aftermarket parts, let Derby be your one-stop 3PL provider. We can ship to your retailers — or direct to the consumer.